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              Nürnberg 1931

              Location:Nürnberg, Germany
              Opening Date:19 Aug 1931
              Closing Date:23 Aug 1931

              Despite the deaf competitors from Poland being turned away at the borders at the beginning of Nazi rule, the 3rd International Silent Games experienced record-breaking numbers of participating nations and athletes.  

              The Games took place a year earlier in 1931 instead of 1932 in order to avoid scheduling conflict with the International Olympic Games.



              Countries participated:

              Flag: Austria Austria32638
              Flag: Belgium Belgium20323
              Flag: Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia22022
              Flag: Denmark Denmark10010
              Flag: Finland Finland606
              Flag: France France45247
              Flag: Germany Germany511061
              Flag: Great Britain Great Britain27229
              Flag: Hungary Hungary8311
              Flag: Italy Italy18018
              Flag: Netherlands Netherlands21122
              Flag: Norway Norway404
              Flag: Sweden Sweden9110
              Flag: Switzerland Switzerland15015