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              Stockholm 1939

              Location:Stockholm, Sweden
              Opening Date:24 Aug 1939
              Closing Date:27 Aug 1939

              The Congress agreed to establish technical commissions to be responsible for each of the sporting branches.

              A new CISS flag with blue and green colors with its symbol that was designed by Mr. Chante in a design contest was inaugurated during the Opening Ceremony.

              The CISS was honoured by the presence of a royal personage for the first time in the form of Prince Gustav Adolf of Sweden.

              Countries participated:

              Flag: Belgium Belgium17219
              Flag: Denmark Denmark10414
              Flag: Estonia Estonia606
              Flag: Finland Finland15318
              Flag: France France24226
              Flag: Germany Germany20929
              Flag: Great Britain Great Britain32840
              Flag: Latvia Latvia202
              Flag: Norway Norway12113
              Flag: Poland Poland10515
              Flag: Romania Romania12012
              Flag: Sweden Sweden47855
              Flag: United States United States101