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              Copenhagen 1949

              Location:Copenhagen, Denmark
              Opening Date:12 Aug 1949
              Closing Date:16 Aug 1949

              The International Silent Games made a big comeback despite a 10-year hiatus due to World War II.  Almost 100 more athletes participated than the last one in 1939.   Basketball and water polo were added for the first time into the Games.


              Countries participated:

              Flag: Austria Austria606
              Flag: Belgium Belgium31132
              Flag: Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia13013
              Flag: Denmark Denmark481462
              Flag: Finland Finland34135
              Flag: France France30434
              Flag: Great Britain Great Britain21324
              Flag: Italy Italy27027
              Flag: Netherlands Netherlands19423
              Flag: Norway Norway25732
              Flag: Sweden Sweden43851
              Flag: Switzerland Switzerland13013
              Flag: United States United States202
              Flag: Yugoslavia Yugoslavia30737