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              Brussels 1953

              Location:Brussels, Belgium
              Opening Date:15 Aug 1953
              Closing Date:19 Aug 1953

              Mr. Eugène Rubens-Alcais, the founding President of CISS retired as the President following the 12th Congress here after 29 years.

              This was the last time that the Winter and Summer Games coincided in the same year.

              Countries participated:

              Flag: Australia Australia101
              Flag: Austria Austria23124
              Flag: Belgium Belgium54660
              Flag: Denmark Denmark20626
              Flag: Finland Finland26127
              Flag: France France57360
              Flag: Germany Germany511162
              Flag: Great Britain Great Britain30333
              Flag: Italy Italy47350
              Flag: Netherlands Netherlands22426
              Flag: Norway Norway9211
              Flag: Saar Saar15015
              Flag: Sweden Sweden28129
              Flag: Switzerland Switzerland10010
              Flag: United States United States808
              Flag: Yugoslavia Yugoslavia31031