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              Helsinki 1961

              Location:Helsinki, Finland
              Opening Date:06 Aug 1961
              Closing Date:10 Aug 1961

              Athletes from Canada and Turkey participated in the 9th Games for the first time.   The highlighted athletes of the whole Games were two women, gymnast Svetlana Slepneva and sprinter Klavidia Pavlunina.  They won five and three golds in their respective disciplines. 

              Countries participated:

              Flag: Austria Austria303
              Flag: Belgium Belgium26026
              Flag: Bulgaria Bulgaria25429
              Flag: Canada Canada101
              Flag: Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia23124
              Flag: Denmark Denmark16824
              Flag: Finland Finland43447
              Flag: France France10111
              Flag: Germany Germany361551
              Flag: Great Britain Great Britain26733
              Flag: Hungary Hungary171128
              Flag: Iran Iran505
              Flag: Italy Italy38341
              Flag: Netherlands Netherlands12517
              Flag: New Zealand New Zealand617
              Flag: Norway Norway10010
              Flag: Poland Poland381250
              Flag: Romania Romania9312
              Flag: Soviet Union Soviet Union311041
              Flag: Sweden Sweden16319
              Flag: Switzerland Switzerland505
              Flag: Turkey Turkey18018
              Flag: United States United States712293
              Flag: Yugoslavia Yugoslavia18018