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              Belgrade 1969

              Location:Belgrade, Serbia
              Opening Date:09 Aug 1969
              Closing Date:16 Aug 1969

              It was in Belgrade that the competition of diving made its final appearance.  It had not been brought back into international deaf competition since then.  It was one of the original sport disciplines to make quadrennial appearances in the Games consecutively since 1924.  

              It was also in this Games that the new sports of handball and volleyball made their debut.  The first athletic multi-sport event was introduced as well, the pentathlon.

              Most noteworthy was the jump in number of athletic participants of over 500 and breaking the thousand mark.  The record of 1,189 athletes stood for the next two Games before being broken in 1981.


              Countries participated:

              Flag: Argentina Argentina35843
              Flag: Australia Australia101
              Flag: Austria Austria729
              Flag: Belgium Belgium29130
              Flag: Bulgaria Bulgaria45853
              Flag: Canada Canada201535
              Flag: Colombia Colombia101
              Flag: Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia301848
              Flag: Denmark Denmark281947
              Flag: East Germany East Germany17623
              Flag: Finland Finland25025
              Flag: France France10515
              Flag: Great Britain Great Britain28836
              Flag: Greece Greece28028
              Flag: Hungary Hungary29635
              Flag: Iran Iran12113
              Flag: Israel Israel27027
              Flag: Italy Italy9912111
              Flag: Japan Japan639
              Flag: Mexico Mexico404
              Flag: Netherlands Netherlands26632
              Flag: New Zealand New Zealand101
              Flag: Norway Norway13013
              Flag: Poland Poland371047
              Flag: Romania Romania50656
              Flag: Soviet Union Soviet Union501262
              Flag: Sweden Sweden44448
              Flag: Switzerland Switzerland606
              Flag: Turkey Turkey16016
              Flag: United States United States8835123
              Flag: Venezuela Venezuela303
              Flag: West Germany West Germany471259
              Flag: Yugoslavia Yugoslavia10228130