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              Malm? 1973

              Location:Malm?, Sweden
              Opening Date:21 Jul 1973
              Closing Date:28 Jul 1973

              The Americans earned a total of 82 medals at the Malmö Games, beating the Russians for the first time. 

              Countries participated:

              Flag: Argentina Argentina14014
              Flag: Australia Australia505
              Flag: Belgium Belgium15621
              Flag: Bulgaria Bulgaria32537
              Flag: Canada Canada331952
              Flag: Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia13417
              Flag: Denmark Denmark321648
              Flag: East Germany East Germany7512
              Flag: Finland Finland41041
              Flag: France France35439
              Flag: Great Britain Great Britain32941
              Flag: Hungary Hungary11920
              Flag: India India808
              Flag: Iran Iran28432
              Flag: Ireland Ireland459
              Flag: Israel Israel18018
              Flag: Italy Italy73780
              Flag: Japan Japan639
              Flag: Netherlands Netherlands331649
              Flag: New Zealand New Zealand213
              Flag: Norway Norway22123
              Flag: Poland Poland26834
              Flag: Romania Romania34640
              Flag: Soviet Union Soviet Union421052
              Flag: Spain Spain30535
              Flag: Sweden Sweden651984
              Flag: Switzerland Switzerland17017
              Flag: United States United States9945144
              Flag: Venezuela Venezuela101
              Flag: West Germany West Germany551671
              Flag: Yugoslavia Yugoslavia60060