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              Lake Placid 1975

              Location:Lake Placid, United States
              Opening Date:02 Feb 1975
              Closing Date:08 Feb 1975

              Lake Placid was proud to offer the first figure skating exhibition with 5 United States deaf ice skaters. Their names were: Adrienne America, Sharon Ann Dror, Donna Marianni, Cheryl Michalowski, and David Michalowski.

              Ice Hockey and Speed Skating had been recognized as demonstration sports.

              Countries participated:

              Flag: Australia Australia303
              Flag: Austria Austria202
              Flag: Canada Canada23225
              Flag: Finland Finland448
              Flag: France France235
              Flag: Italy Italy303
              Flag: Japan Japan909
              Flag: Norway Norway13316
              Flag: Soviet Union Soviet Union448
              Flag: Sweden Sweden505
              Flag: Switzerland Switzerland7411
              Flag: United States United States28735
              Flag: West Germany West Germany729