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              Bucharest 1977

              Location:Bucharest, Romania
              Opening Date:17 Jul 1977
              Closing Date:27 Jul 1977

              This is the first time that the World Deaf Games was held in Eastern Europe.

              The need for strict control of hearing eligibility of competitors is recognized.

              Countries participated:

              Flag: Argentina Argentina18119
              Flag: Australia Australia15823
              Flag: Austria Austria628
              Flag: Belgium Belgium12820
              Flag: Bulgaria Bulgaria66369
              Flag: Canada Canada141327
              Flag: Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia19019
              Flag: Denmark Denmark251237
              Flag: East Germany East Germany7411
              Flag: Finland Finland18018
              Flag: France France351045
              Flag: Great Britain Great Britain224
              Flag: Hungary Hungary34842
              Flag: India India303
              Flag: Iran Iran40040
              Flag: Ireland Ireland23326
              Flag: Israel Israel20121
              Flag: Italy Italy57562
              Flag: Japan Japan13417
              Flag: Mexico Mexico718
              Flag: Netherlands Netherlands221537
              Flag: New Zealand New Zealand101
              Flag: Norway Norway18018
              Flag: Poland Poland26733
              Flag: Romania Romania8437121
              Flag: Soviet Union Soviet Union592584
              Flag: Sweden Sweden45449
              Flag: Turkey Turkey20020
              Flag: United States United States9045135
              Flag: Venezuela Venezuela538
              Flag: West Germany West Germany631679
              Flag: Yugoslavia Yugoslavia46046