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              K?ln 1981

              Location:K?ln, Germany
              Opening Date:23 Jul 1981
              Closing Date:01 Aug 1981

              At the Congress, it was the first time that a woman, Mrs. Maria de Bendeguz of Venezuela was elected to the Executive Committee. CISS is the first international sports organization to have a woman elected in a highest committee.

              A historical milestone took place here between International Olympic Committee and CISS. IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch was the first IOC president to attend the World Deaf Games.

              Doping tests were introduced at the Games.

              Countries participated:

              Flag: Australia Australia6511
              Flag: Austria Austria7613
              Flag: Bangladesh Bangladesh303
              Flag: Belgium Belgium15823
              Flag: Bulgaria Bulgaria30030
              Flag: Canada Canada162036
              Flag: Denmark Denmark261440
              Flag: East Germany East Germany6410
              Flag: Finland Finland27128
              Flag: France France412364
              Flag: Great Britain Great Britain351247
              Flag: Greece Greece404
              Flag: Hungary Hungary35540
              Flag: India India606
              Flag: Iran Iran11011
              Flag: Ireland Ireland538
              Flag: Israel Israel10010
              Flag: Italy Italy62365
              Flag: Japan Japan191433
              Flag: Mexico Mexico19120
              Flag: Netherlands Netherlands302252
              Flag: New Zealand New Zealand9514
              Flag: Norway Norway25025
              Flag: Poland Poland20626
              Flag: Soviet Union Soviet Union8129110
              Flag: Spain Spain221133
              Flag: Sweden Sweden54559
              Flag: Switzerland Switzerland22224
              Flag: United States United States10565170
              Flag: Venezuela Venezuela8513
              Flag: West Germany West Germany9836134
              Flag: Yugoslavia Yugoslavia36036