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              Madonna di Campiglio 1983

              Location:Madonna di Campiglio, Italy
              Opening Date:16 Jan 1983
              Closing Date:23 Jan 1983

              At Congress, before the 10th World Winter Games for the Deaf, the delegates voted to forbid Deaf athletes from using hearing aids during competition. This emphasizes the motto, "Equal through Sports".


              Countries participated:

              Flag: Australia Australia101
              Flag: Austria Austria8210
              Flag: Canada Canada8210
              Flag: France France8412
              Flag: Great Britain Great Britain303
              Flag: Italy Italy15520
              Flag: Japan Japan549
              Flag: Norway Norway12416
              Flag: Soviet Union Soviet Union9514
              Flag: Spain Spain202
              Flag: Sweden Sweden437
              Flag: Switzerland Switzerland10111
              Flag: United States United States8311
              Flag: West Germany West Germany9413
              Flag: Yugoslavia Yugoslavia448