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              Los Angeles 1985

              Location:Los Angeles, United States
              Opening Date:10 Jul 1985
              Closing Date:20 Jul 1985

              It was due to economic reasons, not political, that several Eastern Bloc countries including Russia withdrew at last minute from the 15th World Games for the Deaf.  

              The Games were hosted by the American Association of the Deaf.


              Countries participated:

              Flag: Australia Australia61319
              Flag: Austria Austria314
              Flag: Belgium Belgium7815
              Flag: Canada Canada332356
              Flag: Colombia Colombia13013
              Flag: Denmark Denmark211132
              Flag: Finland Finland14115
              Flag: France France291544
              Flag: Great Britain Great Britain481260
              Flag: Hong Kong Hong Kong707
              Flag: Hungary Hungary15318
              Flag: India India10313
              Flag: Ireland Ireland23225
              Flag: Israel Israel12012
              Flag: Italy Italy81384
              Flag: Japan Japan381452
              Flag: Korea Korea8210
              Flag: Mexico Mexico606
              Flag: Netherlands Netherlands31132
              Flag: New Zealand New Zealand24630
              Flag: Norway Norway10212
              Flag: Poland Poland13518
              Flag: Spain Spain404
              Flag: Sweden Sweden451560
              Flag: Switzerland Switzerland10010
              Flag: United States United States10961170
              Flag: Venezuela Venezuela362056
              Flag: West Germany West Germany7729106
              Flag: Yugoslavia Yugoslavia12012