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              Christchurch 1989

              Location:Christchurch, New Zealand
              Opening Date:07 Jan 1989
              Closing Date:17 Jan 1989

              This was the first time the World Deaf Games was held in the Southern Hemisphere.


              Countries participated:

              Flag: Australia Australia512879
              Flag: Bangladesh Bangladesh101
              Flag: Belgium Belgium426
              Flag: Bulgaria Bulgaria15116
              Flag: Canada Canada16622
              Flag: China China448
              Flag: Denmark Denmark19322
              Flag: Finland Finland19322
              Flag: France France628
              Flag: Great Britain Great Britain321042
              Flag: Hong Kong Hong Kong12214
              Flag: India India10010
              Flag: Iran Iran26026
              Flag: Ireland Ireland19019
              Flag: Israel Israel303
              Flag: Italy Italy50454
              Flag: Japan Japan211940
              Flag: Korea Korea21021
              Flag: Kuwait Kuwait14014
              Flag: Netherlands Netherlands19019
              Flag: New Zealand New Zealand613293
              Flag: Norway Norway10212
              Flag: Poland Poland7512
              Flag: Soviet Union Soviet Union351146
              Flag: Spain Spain729
              Flag: Sweden Sweden501363
              Flag: Switzerland Switzerland808
              Flag: Turkey Turkey808
              Flag: United States United States12051171
              Flag: West Germany West Germany582987