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              Banff 1991

              Location:Banff, Canada
              Opening Date:02 Mar 1991
              Closing Date:09 Mar 1991

              The 12th World Winter Games for the Deaf was hosted in Banff, for the first time in Canada's history.

              The Canadian Organizing Committee was fortunate to have the world famous Banff Springs Hotel as the official headquarters. It was founded in 1888, a legendary 841 room "castle" in the heart of the world's most scenic Canadian Rockies.

              All events took place in Banff/Canmore area, except for Speed Skating which took place in the Calgary Olympic Oval, about 120km east from Banff. Downhill and super-G alpine skiing events took place at Sunshine skiing resort. Giant slalom and slalom were held at Mount Norquay skiing resort. Cross country skiing events were held at the Olympic tracks at Canmore Nordic Center. Ice hockey was played at the Canmore Stadium.

              The Canadians demonstrated the sport of Curling.

              Ice Hockey has been recognized as a new winter discipline in the Deaflympic sports competition.

              Countries participated:

              Flag: Austria Austria628
              Flag: Canada Canada27330
              Flag: Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia112
              Flag: Finland Finland404
              Flag: France France819
              Flag: Germany Germany6410
              Flag: Great Britain Great Britain101
              Flag: Italy Italy10313
              Flag: Japan Japan639
              Flag: New Zealand New Zealand011
              Flag: Norway Norway8311
              Flag: Soviet Union Soviet Union22325
              Flag: Sweden Sweden549
              Flag: Switzerland Switzerland729
              Flag: United States United States33538
              Flag: Yugoslavia Yugoslavia112