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              Sofia 1993

              Location:Sofia, Bulgaria
              Opening Date:24 Jul 1993
              Closing Date:02 Aug 1993

              The number of athletic participants of 1,679 in the Sofia games was a great leap, finally breaking the record that Köln had held since 1981.  Also the record was broken for the highest number of nations represented in this Games: 52 nations from the previous record of 32 in 1977.


              Countries participated:

              Flag: Algeria Algeria11011
              Flag: Australia Australia9211
              Flag: Austria Austria10515
              Flag: Belarus Belarus151126
              Flag: Belgium Belgium37340
              Flag: Brazil Brazil112
              Flag: Bulgaria Bulgaria591776
              Flag: Canada Canada13518
              Flag: Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei20121
              Flag: Croatia Croatia17017
              Flag: Cuba Cuba729
              Flag: Czech Republic Czech Republic10515
              Flag: Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia18018
              Flag: Denmark Denmark27532
              Flag: Estonia Estonia123
              Flag: Finland Finland25934
              Flag: France France36642
              Flag: Germany Germany9439133
              Flag: Great Britain Great Britain462672
              Flag: Greece Greece36036
              Flag: Hong Kong Hong Kong12012
              Flag: Hungary Hungary17421
              Flag: Iceland Iceland15015
              Flag: India India24529
              Flag: Iran Iran48048
              Flag: Ireland Ireland261440
              Flag: Israel Israel31435
              Flag: Italy Italy65772
              Flag: Japan Japan202141
              Flag: Korea Korea25025
              Flag: Kuwait Kuwait17017
              Flag: Latvia Latvia71623
              Flag: Lithuania Lithuania151025
              Flag: Malaysia Malaysia325
              Flag: Moldova Moldova16016
              Flag: Netherlands Netherlands381048
              Flag: New Zealand New Zealand426
              Flag: Norway Norway231336
              Flag: Poland Poland33639
              Flag: Portugal Portugal729
              Flag: Romania Romania231437
              Flag: Russian Federation Russian Federation422062
              Flag: Slovakia Slovakia325
              Flag: Slovenia Slovenia6410
              Flag: South Africa South Africa271037
              Flag: Spain Spain36036
              Flag: Sweden Sweden381452
              Flag: Switzerland Switzerland17522
              Flag: Turkey Turkey23124
              Flag: Ukraine Ukraine261541
              Flag: United States United States11544159
              Flag: Zimbabwe Zimbabwe202