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              Davos 1999

              Location:Davos, Switzerland
              Opening Date:08 Mar 1999
              Closing Date:14 Mar 1999

              The Swiss Deaf Sports Association was proud to host it's 3rd Winter Games of the Deaf since its inception in 1949. Davos is a ski village nestled in the Alps where competitions are held right in the village.

              This also marks the 75th anniversary of CISS.

              16 of the 18 participating countries took at least one medal home.

              Snowboarding has been recognized as a demonstration sports.

              Countries participated:

              Flag: Australia Australia112
              Flag: Austria Austria527
              Flag: Canada Canada22224
              Flag: Czech Republic Czech Republic033
              Flag: Finland Finland26329
              Flag: France France123
              Flag: Germany Germany9918
              Flag: Italy Italy5813
              Flag: Japan Japan6410
              Flag: Lithuania Lithuania101
              Flag: Norway Norway415
              Flag: Russian Federation Russian Federation30535
              Flag: Slovakia Slovakia202
              Flag: Slovenia Slovenia123
              Flag: Sweden Sweden25227
              Flag: Switzerland Switzerland33235
              Flag: Ukraine Ukraine437
              Flag: United States United States34741