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              Melbourne 2005

              Location:Melbourne, Australia
              Opening Date:05 Jan 2005
              Closing Date:16 Jan 2005

              Melbourne, Australia, the home of major sports events, such as the 1956 Olympics and the annual Australian Open Tennis Championships, was the host of the 20th Summer Deaflympics in January, 2005.

              Beach Volleyball is now recognized as a new summer discipline in the Deaflympic sports competition.

              Tamara Foronda of United States received a $5000 Fair Play Award from Widex.

              Countries participated:

              Flag: Australia Australia224
              Flag: Belarus Belarus022
              Flag: Belgium Belgium224
              Flag: Brazil Brazil202
              Flag: Russian Federation Russian Federation224
              Flag: Switzerland Switzerland022
              Flag: Ukraine Ukraine224
              Flag: United States United States224