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              Rubens-Alcais Award

              The purposes of the Rubens-Alcais Award are:

              • To honour a National Deaf Sports Federation which has achieved outstanding results in development and promotion of sports for deaf people in the last two years
              • To recognize the exemplary sport achievements, the spirit and the skills of the National Deaf Sports Federation
              • To encourage other National Deaf Sports Federation to strive and emulate achievements of the National Deaf Sports Federation, which were awarded the Rubens-Alcais Award

              Past Rubens-Alcais Award recipients:

              2019Brazilflag: Brazil
              2019Turkeyflag: Turkey
              2017Bulgariaflag: Bulgaria
              2017Chinese Taipeiflag: Chinese Taipei
              2017Russian Federationflag: Russian Federation
              2017South Africaflag: South Africa
              2009Chinaflag: China
              2009Lithuaniaflag: Lithuania
              2005Bulgariaflag: Bulgaria
              2005Swedenflag: Sweden
              2001Switzerlandflag: Switzerland
              1999Denmarkflag: Denmark
              1997Finlandflag: Finland
              1995Bulgariaflag: Bulgaria
              1993Australiaflag: Australia
              1991New Zealandflag: New Zealand
              1989Norwayflag: Norway
              1987Japanflag: Japan
              1985Swedenflag: Sweden
              1983Denmarkflag: Denmark
              1981Polandflag: Poland
              1979Romaniaflag: Romania
              1977Germanyflag: Germany
              1977West Germanyflag: West Germany
              1975Finlandflag: Finland
              1973Belgiumflag: Belgium
              1971United Statesflag: United States
              1969Italyflag: Italy