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              News & Announcements

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              MoU - ICSD CEO Rebrov's Thoughts

              2016 Mar 12
              ICSD has been standing alone for 92 years, and now the MoU has been signed. IOC did recognize ICSD in 1955, but there was no relationship between both. Now on this day of 8 March 2016, it is a new "birthday" for ICSD.
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              ICSD President: IOC Signs MoU with ICSD

              2016 Mar 10
              The MoU is signed by both the IOC and ICSD Presidents. It is a Memorandum of Understanding that confirms that both the IOC and the ICSD share the same objective of promoting physical and sporting activities for the well-being of society.
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              The IOC and the ICSD signed the Memorandum of Understanding at the International Olympic Committee headquarters

              2016 Mar 09
              On Tuesday, 8 March 2016 - The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) signed the Memorandum of Understanding at the International Olympic Committee headquarters.
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              President's Update - Happy Holidays

              2015 Dec 29
              Dr. Valery Rukhledev looks back at the events of 2015 that were accomplished under the current ICSD's administration.
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              President's Update - World Olympian Forum

              2015 Dec 03
              Dr. Valery Nikititch Rukhledev shares his experience taking part in the work of the first World Olympian Forum.
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              President's Update - ICSD Inspection Visit

              2015 Dec 02
              President Dr. Valery Nikititch Rukhledev shares an update about the ICSD Board members, staff and technical directors' trip to Samsun, Turkey for the 1st venue inspection. He gives praises to the Organising Committee (OC) for their satisfactory progress.
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              ICSD President's Statement on the Paris terrorist attacks

              2015 Nov 16
              A letter in response to the Paris attacks
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              Haryana Government includes Deaflympics in its sports policy

              2015 May 12
              The inclusion will allow Deaflympian medalists to be awarded cash, jobs and other benefits from their state government.
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              For immediate release

              2014 Dec 23
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              Media Accreditation for 2015 Winter Deaflympics is now available

              2014 Sep 30
              Links are provided here for more information on the media accreditation.
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              Khanty-Mansiysk 2015

              2014 Aug 26
              ICSD has decided to hold the Winter Deaflympic games 2015 in Khanty-Mansiysk.
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              Invitation to bid for the 19th Winter Deaflympics - 2019 and 24th Summer Deaflympics - 2021

              2014 Jun 07
              For those considering making host-city bids, please refer to BIDDING PROCEDURES, under Deaflympics-Regulations, Rule DG3.
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              Updated Venue List

              2013 May 15
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              Sofia 2013 Update

              2012 Aug 10
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              SportAccord Summary

              2012 May 29