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              News & Announcements

              ICSD Logo

              DeaflympicsTV Report

              2006 Jan 27
              ICSD Logo

              CSD Listed as Major Sponsor of the 2007 Winter Deaflympics

              2005 Jul 06
              Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc. (CSD) of Sioux Falls, South Dakota?has signed on as a Gold Medal Partner Sponsor of the 16th Deaflympic Winter Games, held in Salt Lake City, Utah February 1-10, 2007.
              Sorenson Media donates to 2007 Winter Deaflympics

              Sorenson Media Donates $250,000 to 2007 Winter Deaflympics

              2005 Jul 06
              James Lee Sorenson, CEO of Sorenson Media,?presented Dwight Benedict, chair of the 2007 Deaflympic Winter Games Organizing Committee, with a check for $250,000.