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              Technical Regulations - Golf

              1. EVENTS
              This competition will be conducted during the Summer Deaflympics 2021 from 01 May 2022 to 15 May 2022 and will consist of the following 2 events (1 for men, 1 for women and 0 for mixed):


              2. PARTICIPANTS

              2.1 Invitation to Participate
              ICSD and the Organising Committee will invite all National Deaf Sports Federation (NDSF) members in good standing to participate in the competition.

              2.2 Eligibility

              2.2.1 Hearing Loss
              Participation in the competition is restricted to athletes who are deaf and/or hard of hearing. Refer to the ICSD Audiogram Regulations for additional details on measurement of hearing loss.

              2.2.2 Age
              Athletes must meet the minimum age requirement for each event listed below:

              EventMinimum AgeMaximum Age

              2.2.3 Compliance
              Only athletes who comply with the Deaflympics Regulations are allowed to participate in the competition.

              2.3 Number of Teams
              Not Applicable

              2.4 Qualified Teams
              Not Applicable

              2.5 Number of Athletes per Discipline
              A maximum number of athlete(s) per NDSF is allocated to each discipline listed below:


              2.6 Number of Athletes per Event
              A maximum number of athlete(s) per NDSF is allocated to each event listed below:


              2.7 Number of Reserves or Substitutes per Event
              A maximum number of reserve/substitute athlete(s) per NDSF is allocated to each event listed below:

              individualNo reserves/substitutes

              2.8 Competition Entry Standards
              Not Applicable

              2.9 Competition Entry Rules
              Only an authorised representative of each NDSF is allowed to submit competition entries.

              2.10 Non-Starting Athletes
              A fine of USD$100.00 will be levied on each non-starting athlete unless he/she submits a doctor's declaration in writing English that he/she should not be allowed to start.

              3. REGISTRATION
              Please refer to the 7. Individual Sports in the General Technical Rules - Summer Deaflympics, for further details on registration.



              4.1 Technical Organisation
              ICSD is be responsible for the technical organisation of the competition in conjunction with the (IGF).

              4.2 Committees

              4.2.1 Technical Committee
              The Technical Committee is comprised of the ICSD Technical Director and other members nominated by the Organising Committee and approved by ICSD:

              Gavin Balharrie - ICSD Technical Director (Chair)

              4.2.2 Protest Committee
              The Protest Committee is comprised of the ICSD Technical Director and other members nominated by the Organising Committee and approved by ICSD:

              Gavin Balharrie - ICSD Technical Director (Chair)

              4.3 Competition Rules
              The competitions will be conducted in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the IGF (version: 1 Jan 2019). In case of disagreement in the interpretation of the Rules and Regulations, the English text shall prevail. Unforeseen incidents not covered by the Rules and Regulations shall be dealt with as follow:

              4.3.1 Cases of a general nature will be resolved in accordance with the Deaflympics Regulations, General Technical Rules - Summer Deaflympics and this Technical Regulations.

              4.3.2 Cases of a technical nature related to competition rules will be resolved in accordance with the IGF Rules and Regulations.

              4.4 Competition Equipment

              All equipment used during competition must comply with the IGF Rules and Regulations.

              4.5 Competition Clothing

              4.5.1 Participants must wear competitive uniforms representing their nationality, duly registered and published in accordance with the IGF Rules and Regulations.

              4.5.2 Participants must observe the Deaflympics Regulations regarding advertisements on their uniforms and clothing worn in the competition area.

              4.6 Draw
              The draw for all events will be conducted under control of the Technical Committee and in accordance with the IGF Rules and Regulations.

              4.7 Competition Plan
              The competition plan will be conducted in accordance with the IGF Rules and Regulations.

              4.8 Officials

              4.8.1 Judge/Referee/Umpire
              Allocation of the officials to conduct the events will be made by the Technical Committee. Wherever possible, officials will possess the IGF international license valid for 2022. However, officials with the highest level of national accreditation may be assigned.

              4.8.2 Appointment
              The Organising Committee, the Technical Director and an ICSD-designated Respresentative shall appoint a IGF representative and an appropriate number of officials to conduct each event.

              4.9 Unforeseen Incidents
              In the event of unforeseen incidents not covered by the rules and regulations, the Technical Committee will make a determination. In the absence of the Technical Committee, the ICSD Technical Director will make a determination.

              5. VENUES

              5.1 Competition Venue
              To be announced

              5.2 Training Venue
              To be announced

              6. SCHEDULES

              6.1 Competition Schedule
              To be announced

              6.2 Training Schedule
              To be announced

              6.3 Technical Meeting

              6.3.1 Date and Location
              To be announced

              6.3.2 Attendance
              Each participating NDSF may be represented by a maximum of two officials, of whom at least one must be deaf. The NDSF may also bring an interpreter if necessary.

              7. CONTROL AND SANCTIONS

              7.1 Hearing Devices
              The use of any hearing aid(s)/amplification or cochlear implant is not allowed in the restricted zone area.

              7.1.1 Restricted Zone Area
              The restricted zone area is in effect at the moment the athlete enters the competition area during the warm-up and competition periods.

              7.1.2 Violation and Penalty
              When this rule is violated, refer to ICSD Audiogram Regulations 8: Violations and Penalties.

              8. PROTESTS

              8.1 Procedures for lodging a protest
              All sport related protests will be resolved in accordance with the IGF Rules and Regulations and will be adjudicated by the Protest Committee.

              8.1.1 Any protest must be written in English on the Official Protest Form. The form and a deposit USD$100.00 must be given to the ICSD Technical Director within 0 minutes after the official public posting of results.

              8.1.2 The ICSD Technical Director will decide whether the protest is sport-related or eligibility-related. The Protest Committee will review all sport-related protests, and the ICSD Representative will review all eligibility-related protests.

              8.1.3 The deposit of USD$100.00 will be returned to the applicant only if the protest is considered valid.

              8.2 Procedure for reviewing a protest
              The Protest Committee will meet in the competition venue or a designated office at a time decided upon by the ICSD Technical Director.

              8.2.1 The ICSD Technical Director will chair of the Protest Committee.

              8.2.2 The Sport Liaison Officer (SLO) will be responsible for booking a meeting room and interpreters.

              8.2.3 The SLO will contact and inform all members of the Protest Committee of the meeting time and location.

              8.2.4 The ICSD Technical Director will be responsible for liaising with the State Sports Association's Competition Manager.

              8.2.5 After adjudication, the ICSD Technical Director will forward the original Official Protest Form (along with the protest fee if the protest was denied) to the ICSD Secretariat. The SLO will forward a copy of the form to the Deaflympics Headquarters.

              9. ADDENDUM

              9.1 Competition Entry Standards (reference: 2.9)

              9.1.1 Amateurs or Professionals
              There are no restrictions on athletes being Amateur or Professional for the Golf competition.

              9.1.2 Handicap Limits
              Golfers must provide certificates confirming handicaps by their National Golf Federations confirming their handicap being under the following limits:

              Men's: 10.4 or under
              Ladies: 22.4 or under

              9.1.3 Caddies
              Caddies must be registered as team officials for the Golf competition.

              9.2 Competition Equipment (reference: 4.4)

              9.2.1 Distance Measuring Devices
              Distance measuring devices / GPS are permitted for this Event. The Specimen Local Rule on Page 153 in the 2016 Rules of Golf will be in effect.

              9.2.2 Cart Riding
              Cart riding is not allowed, regardless of provision of any medical certificate.

              9.3 Competition Format

              9.3.1 Announcement of Number of Qualifying Places for Match Play
              Following confirmation of number of athletes prior to the Golf competition, the ICSD Technical Director will confirm the number of qualifying places for the Match Play section of each event.

              9.3.2 Rounds 1 & 2: Stroke Play: Qualifying & Seeding
              Rounds 1 and 2 will be an individual Stroke Play event conducted over 36 holes (2 rounds of 18 holes), and scores shall be seeded (with lowest score being seed 1, second lowest score being seed 2, and so forth). Ties for any seeding shall be drawn by lot.

              In the event of a tie for the last match place(s), a sudden-death, hole by hole playoff shall be held at the Golf Course immediately after the second round has concluded, or, if necessary due to insufficient light, the next morning. Any competitor in the play-off not ready to play when called will be disqualified.

              9.3.3 Rounds 3 to 6: Match Play
              Rounds 3 to 6 will be individual head to head Match Play conducted over 18 holes for each contest. The winner of each contest shall advance to the next round, and the loser shall be eliminated from competition.

              This event shall progress to the final round in which the final two athletes shall play off for the Gold and Silver medals. A Bronze medal match shall be conducted for the two losers of the semifinal round.

              The Bronze medal match shall be held on the same day as the Gold medal match and shall conclude prior to the start of the Gold medal match.

              9.4 Local Rules
              Local Rules for the Golf Course will be provided to all golfers 2 days prior to Round 1.

              9.5 Pace of Play
              Pace of Play Policy & Estimated Time per Hole chart will be provided to each golfer prior to each round.

              9.6 Signalling for Suspension & Resumption of Play
              Signalling for Suspension of Play will be by waving of red flags (not by hooter).

              Signalling for Resumption of Play will be by waving of green flags (not by hooter).

              9.7 Advice in Competitions
              As the competition is an individual event, no outside advice is permitted between Team members or from the Team Manager, Coach or any other Team Official (except for Caddies).

              Notice: this regulations are subject to change. Last updated on Thursday, 25-Feb-21 18:23:57 GMT.